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Do you feel comfortable in your home?
Does it bring you success and happiness?
Does it fill you with positive energy?

     We spend half of our lives in our homes. We want to come home from work into a beautifully furnished house or apartment. But we will not feel cozy and comfortable if the energy is not balanced. So if you want to have an attractive home as well as a harmonious atmosphere with the energy distributed according to the rules of Feng Shui, you need to find a specialist with the expertise in both of these areas. We will help you create not only an attractive interior, but also help you to functionally distribute energy in your home or office.  

The sooner you correct the energy in your home and office, the sooner things will start improving. Do not miss your chance TODAY to change and to bring more harmony, health, abundance and success into your life.



       Harmony Design Creations offers the following services:

    • Determination of the energy state of the premises and its impact on the occupants.
    • Full report for correcting areas with negative energy and enhancing positive energy.
    • Drawing up an energy chart of a room.
    • Preparing your house for sale.
    • Check before buying a home if the energy suits you.
    • Changes in home décor.
    • Interior design carried out with Feng Shui in mind.
    • Feng Shui analysis for the design and construction of a new home.
    • Selection of premises for a successful business.
    • Feng Shui recommendations for each year.
    • Selection of colours for any room to improve your feng shui.
    • Feng Shui online.



       6 major reasons to book Feng Shui from Elena Nicholson:

  • Professional quality, extensive practical experience and respect for customers.
  • After a consultation you receive a written report, which not all consultants offer.
  • If you order a full report, you receive a free energy map of the premises for the current year.
  • At anytime after receiving a Feng Shui report, you can contact Elena with follow-up questions.
  • A knowledge of psychology and spirituality allows Elena to have an more in-depth understanding of clients and their premises.
  • To get to know Elena better, read her articles on this website.

    "Houses for me are alive ... Every time I enter a room, I inwardly sense the energy that circulates in it. Sometimes you can tell almost immediately what the problem areas are. Talking to tenants, you know why they've come to this house. But in order to help them, it is necessary to make an accurate calculation, to meditate, to see all of the options. A house should offer not only protection, but also to bring joy, inspiration, abundance, and of course, love."

Harmony Design Creations will help you:

    • Improve your health, relationships, career and abundance.
    • Increase your business success and prosperity.  
    • Sell your property faster.
    • Increase your selling price.
    • Determine the Feng Shui energy of real estate before buying.
    • Determine the individual Feng Shui influence on each person who lives or works in your place.
    • Find solutions for problem spaces.
    • Improve your family and work relations.
    • Create an atmosphere for more efficient work in your office.
    • Increase harmonious relations between colleagues and clients.

       To prepare for a consultation, see: Feng Shui Preparation 

                     For prices of services, see: Prices

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